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Machinery and Equipment Storage Building - Wimbledon, ND

Greystone designed and built a new machinery and equipment storage building for Rick Wenzel in Wimbledon, ND. The 72' x 128' Natural Light Fabric Structure was installed on 2' above grade concrete piers. The building included a 50' x 18' Midland bi-fold door, end wall louvers and a man door.

Exterior view of Glacial Plains Milan flat grain storage facility

Flat Grain Storage Facility | Glacial Plains Milan

Greystone helped Glacial Plains Cooperative increase grain storage capacity from 600,00 bushels to 1,000,000 bushels in Milan, Minn. with a fabric structure. The polyethylene fabric roof substantially reduces risk of condensation versus steel structures.

Fertilizer Storage Building | Gavilon

Greystone completed a new fertilizer storage building for Gavilon in Jamestown, ND. The 10,000 square foot wood framed building is used to blend micro nutrients.

Fertilizer Storage Building | Modern Transport

Two new construction large fabric structures were built by Greystone Construction for additional fertilizer storage with Modern Transport in Winona, MN

Schmitz Flat Grain Storage Facility

Greystone installed a catwalk, conveyer, fabric cover and end wall on this flat grain storage facility.