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Crystal Valley Coop Chemical & Liquid Fertilizer Loadout Facility | Janeville, Minnesota

Crystal Valley partnered with Greystone on the design and construction of their new 18,700 square foot chemical warehouse & liquid load-out facility. The facility operations manager said: “From start to finish, Greystone provided us with excellent service. They have the knowledge and expertise that provided us with a high quality project. Everyone we dealt with was very pleasant and professional.”

Dry Fertilizer Storage Building | Performance Ag | Herreid, SD

Wood-framed building with fertilizer storage capacity of 5000 tons, truck receiving and load out.

Flat Grain Storage | West Central Ag | Ulen, MN

Storage capacity of 3.5 million bushels. Metal building construction.

Feed Commodity Storage Fabric Building | Bovina, TX

Under construction: 100' x 140' warehouse with control room

Dry Fertilizer Storage Building | Bisbee, ND

Greystone Construction designed and built a 12,000 ton fertilizer storage building addition for North Central Grain’s existing facility in Bisbee, North Dakota. The project includes a new rail receiving pit and a tower blending system.

CHS St. Charles MN Fertilizer Storage Building

Fertilizer Storage Building | CHS | St. Charles, MN

New dry fertilizer storage building in St. Charles, MN is complete. The building has a storage capacity of 12,000 tons in 4 main product bins and two micro bins. The facility includes a control room, MCC room, impregnation room with liquid chemical storage and tower blending system.

Fertilizer Storage Building | CHS Dakota Plains | Litchville, ND

Greystone Construction was hired to design and build a concrete and wood 15,000 ton dry fertilizer storage building for CHS/Dakota Plains Cooperative in Litchville, North Dakota. The truck receiving facility’s storage area consists of six main storage bins and three micro bins. The project also included a truck receiving building, control room, impregnation area and tower blending system for product load-out

Dry fertilizer storage building with fabric cover and seed treater building for Pinnacle/Performance Ag in Highmore, SD

Fabric Building for Dry Fertilizer Storage | Performance Ag | Highmore, SD

The Highmore, SD site for Performance Agriculture Holdings uses a tensioned membrane fabric building to store 5,000 tons of dry fertilizer and a metal building seed treater.

Wood and concrete building at CHS dry fertilizer storage facility in Grand Meadow, MN

Dry Fertilizer Storage Plant | CHS | Grand Meadow, MN

Construction is complete on CHS’s 16,320-ton dry fertilizer plant between Grand Meadow and Ostrander, Minnesota. Local farmers now have increased access to high-quality nutrients for their crops.

Agronomy center metal building in Tulare, SD

Agronomy Center Metal Building - SD Wheat Growers - Tulare

The South Dakota Wheat Growers partnered with Greystone to construct a metal building for its agronomy service center in Tulare utilized for seed warehouse, liquid fertilizer storage, equipment storage, vehicle maintenance and chemical warehouse.