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Sand & Salt Storage Buildings
Sheds, Domes & Barns

Our Salt Storage Dome Building Experience

We have 20+ years of road salt storage building experience and over 2,000,000 SF of salt under roof to date. Greystone is a design-build general contractor you can trust to successfully design and build your small salt storage dome or bulk salt storage building. We are trusted by hundreds of municipalities, DOTs, and private firms for our salt storage building solutions using fabric buildings. We've constructed thousands of fabric structures across the United States.

The Greystone Advantage

Professional Project Management

Greystone provides professional project management. Our Fabric Division of project managers, estimators, foremen, and craftsmen are highly knowledgeable and experienced in salt and sand storage building projects.

Safety is Our #1 Priority

We are committed to safe construction sites. We want all our people and subcontract partners to go home to their families healthy and unharmed. We perform pre-job safety planning to identify potential safety issues then develop specialized safety training. Our project superintendents hold weekly safety meetings that are mandatory for all workers onsite. Our dedication to safety is an advantage to clients in that we pass through cost savings due to lower workers comp insurance rates.

Our Ability to Self Perform

We will provide you with the most competitive price. Our intimate knowledge of construction techniques makes us better project managers whether or not we are self-performing the work. Should a subcontrator let us down, in terms of quality or schedule, we have the ability to move in and do the work ourselves.

National Reach

Greystone Construction is a design-build general contractor serving the salt and sand storage industry throughout the Midwest and beyond. We have worked in 26 states to date including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Colorado, Washington, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Utah.

Across the USA, we are trusted by hundreds of municipalities, DOTs, and private firms for salt storage building solutions.

Here are just a handful of the thousands of fabric buildings we've installed.

Our salt shed storage fabric buildings across the US

We are Fabric Building Experts

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Top 6 Building Design Factors for Sand and Salt Storage Buildings

We have a few best practices to share for planning efficient, safe and cost-effective facilities for salt storage structures.

1. Load Requirements 

Any building needs to be designed to meet local wind, snow, seismic and unbalanced snow loads. Fabric buildings are no different. A structurally sound building must follow current International Building Codes (IBC) not just for safety, but for insurability.

2. Capacity Requirements

Greystone knows the density and angle of repose of deicing salt -- factoring this in with a customer’s storage capacity requirements and available footprint, their estimating team calculates the most economical building width and length.

3. Reducing Risk of Corrosive Damage

Salt is highly corrosive. We recommend all building steel be hot-dip galvanized after production. This treatment achieves a much thicker and harder protective surface than in-line galvanizing. It also ensures that the steel trusses are coated both inside and outside after welding is completed.

4. Ventilation

In the absence of moisture, corrosive materials would have little to no corrosive effect. You want air movement in your salt storage building to greatly reduce any condensation.

Example of Greystone's design for independent building foundations and pre-cast walls

5. Consider Independent Foundations and Panels

The combination of independent foundations engineered to carry building loads and pre-cast walls designed to carry commodity loads is often times more economical than cast-in-place poured walls designed to carry both building and commodity loads.

This building design also excels in reducing corrosion because it keeps salt away from the steel trusses and base plates. It also creates the greatest possible air movement throughout the building.

6. Sufficient Clearance

Adequate clear height is a critical factor to ensure maximum storage capacity. More importantly, sufficient clearance is necessary for safe maneuverability of trucks and dumping equipment.

Read the entire facility planning article in the Municipal Magazine > 

Recent Salt & Sand Storage Building Projects

Salt and Sand Storage Building in Wisconsin

80' x 128' Salt & Sand Storage Building

  • Location: Jackson County, Wisconsin
  • Foundations: Concrete footing and pier
  • Panels: 12' precast bunker walls with corrosion inhibitor
  • Capacity: 6,000 tons of salt

32' x 144' Salt Storage Shed

  • Location: Winona, Minnesota
  • Foundations: Concrete bunker blocks
32' x 144' Salt Storage Shed Building
80' x 100' Salt Shed Dome Building

80' x 100' Salt & Sand Shed Dome

  • Location: Grand Marais, Minnesota
  • Foundation: Footing and pier
  • 12' T Panels with corrosion inhibitor

Bulk Salt Storage Port Buildings

  • Location: Port of Mobile, Alabama
  • Dimensions: 180' x 288' and 180' x 324'
  • Foundations: Poured walls
Bulk salt storage port building in Mobile, Alabama
44' x 42' Salt Storage Shed Building

44' x 42' Salt & Sand Storage Shed

  • Location: Columbus, Minnesota
  • Foundations: Drilled concrete piers
  • 8' L Panels with T Panel divider with corrosion inhibitor

65' x 128' Wholesale Salt Storage Building

  • Location: Glyndon, Minnesota
  • Foundations: Pad and piers
  • 12' L Panels with corrosion inhibitor
  • Rail Receiving Pit
  • Overhead Conveyor
65' x 128' Salt Storage Fabric Building
32' x 56' Salt Storage Shed Fabric Building

32' x 56' Salt Storage Shed

  • Location: Custer County, South Dakota
  • Foundations: Drilled concrete piers
  • 8' L Panels with corrosion inhibitor
  • Capacity: 500 tons of salt

From initial project development through construction, Greystone was excellent to work with. They delivered a top notch facility that will serve Nicollet County for many years.”

Seth Greenwood, Public Works Director/County Engineer, Nicollet County
100' x 240' Salt Storage Building

100' x 240' Salt Storage Building

  • Location: Scott City, Missouri
  • Foundations: Concrete footing and pier
  • Capacity: 15,000 Tons of Salt
  • Concrete bunker blocks

72' x 40' Salt and Sand Shed Building

  • Location: King County, Washington
  • Foundations: Concrete bin blocks
Salt and Sand Shed Dome Building
Salt and sand storage building

100' x 160' Salt & Sand Storage Building

  • Location: St. Louis County, Minnesota
  • Foundations: Footing and pier
  • 12' T Panels with corrosion inhibitor

100' x 240' River Terminal Salt Storage

  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Foundations: Footing and pier
  • 5' L Panels for containment
River Terminal Salt Storage
22' x 42' salt shed storage building

22' x 42' Salt Shed Storage

  • Location: Balkan Township, Minnesota
  • Foundations: 8' Concrete L Panels

Greystone was very easy to work with. The company was straightforward and explained every detail of our project very well. I would recommend Greystone Construction to anyone.

Brad Strgar, Balkan Township Supervisor

130' x 304' Bulk Salt Port Storage

  • Location: Port of Savage, Minnesota
  • Foundations: Footing and pier
  • 12' L Bunker Panels
  • Capacity: 35,000 tons of salt
Bulk road salt storage port facility
65' x 64' Salt Shed Fabric Building

65' x 64' Salt & Sand Shed

  • Location: West Fargo, North Dakota
  • Foundations: Pad and piers
  • 8' L Panels and 8' T Divider Panels

72' x 98' Salt Storage Building

  • Location: Lenexa, Kansas
  • Foundations: Footing and pier
  • 12' T Bunker Panels
  • Capacity: 4,000 tons of salt
72' x 98' Salt Storage Fabric Building
Salt Storage Fabric Building

41' x 50' Salt Shed

  • Location: Monticello Township, Minnesota
  • Foundations: Drilled concrete piers
  • 8' L Bunker Panels
  • Capacity: 700 tons of salt

65' x 64' Salt Storage Shed

  • Location: Chaska, Minnesota
  • Foundations: Pad and pier
  • 12' T Panels with corrosion inhibitor
  • Capacity: 2000 tons of salt
Salt Storage Shed Fabric Building in Minnesota
Salt storage shed fabric building in Maryland

41' x 48' Salt Storage Shed

  • Location: Prince George County, Maryland
  • Foundations: Concrete bin blocks

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