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Design-Build Experience

Greystone Construction provides complete Design-Build services and has extensive experience as a Design-Builder. This delivery method has many advantages: fast tracking is possible, shorter overall project schedule, price is established early, owner’s risk is reduced, and more.

In the Design-Build delivery method, the Owner selects a Design-Builder before the start of design. The Design-Builder is the single point of project responsibility for the Owner. The Design-Builder selects a reputable, experienced Architect/Engineer and assumes responsibility and risk for services provided by the Architect/Engineer. The Owner, Design-Builder, and Architect/Engineer collaborate from the start.

This Design-Build team approach works very well with fast track construction projects. Value engineering, scheduling, and project budgets are all being incorporated during the design phase of the project.

Design-Build Benefits

Some of the benefits the design-build approach offers the owner are:

  • Greystone's experience in developing a project from concept to completion.
  • The design team will include design professionals from each discipline necessary to complete all work included in the project.
  • The owner becomes a member of the Design-Build team. The extent of the owners participation in the design-build process will vary from project to project.
  • Project budgets are established early in the project development stage. Cost control measures are in place during the design development phase of the project.
  • Schedules may be accelerated because design, finance issues, estimating, subcontract selection, permit application and construction may overlap (fast track).
  • The team approach to design and construction minimizes costly change orders after construction contracts have been signed and construction has begun.
  • Design costs are reduced due to the team approach used in the design-build process.