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Construction Manager at Risk

CMAR: Construction Manager at Risk

Greystone Construction Company is capable of performing as Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) for projects in any industry.

In the CMAR delivery method, the Owner selects an Architect/Engineer first and the CMAR second. The CMAR works closely with the Owner and the Architect/Engineer early in the project planning process. After conceptual design drawings are complete, the CMAR then commits to a guaranteed maximum price for the project -- this minimizes financial risk for the Owner.

As the selected CMAR, Greystone participates as a team member together with the Owner and Architect/Engineer to develop a construction budget during the critical planning and design development phase of the project. This team approach provides the Owner with information required to make project decisions. Up front construction costs can be weighed against long term operating costs. Design options can be considered with accurate pricing information available.

Project Scheduling Experience

Greystone develops and maintains a project schedule, which is incorporated in all aspects of the project such as:

  • Design time requirements
  • Owner's critical needs
  • Procurement lead times
  • Construction sequencing

Construction Management Experience

Other construction management services provided by Greystone include:

  • Solicit and pre-qualify contractors, vendors and suppliers
  • Administration of contracts, design changes, construction change orders
  • Review and approval of monthly draw requests
  • Coordination and documentation of soil testing, surveying, environmental assessment surveys, building permit application, etc.
  • Professional project management team including project manager, project superintendent and other management professionals as required per project
  • Project close-out services including punch list coordination, lien waivers, warranty documentation, as-built drawing coordination, retention payments, etc.
  • Project general conditions as determined necessary including, site office trailer, office equipment, temporary facilities, etc.
  • Project safety policies, observation and enforcement.