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Front view of Dem-Con recycling metal building

Dem-Con Materials Recovery Facility - Shakopee, MN

Dem-Con needed a new material recovery facility to process recycled materials. Greystone erected a 58,000 SF metal building complete with reception, breakroom, conference, restrooms, office, ten loading docks and processing area.

100' x 160' Salt & Sand Storage Shed / Barn - St. Louis County, MN

St. Louis County of Minnesota required a 100' x 160' fabric building shed to keep its deicing salt and sand dry. Greystone erected an engineered Natural Light Fabric Structure to meet their needs.

Stallion Oilfield Services metal building shop and office

Stallion Oilfied Services Metal Building Shop & Office | Dickinson, ND

Greystone acted as the design/build general contractor for the 100' x 125' pre-engineered metal building located in Dickinson, ND. The building features 5,000 square feet of two-story office build-out, two working bays, a 10-ton crane supported from the metal building, and a truck wash bay.

Ada salt storage fabric building shed

60 x 80' Salt & Sand Storage Shed / Barn - Ada, MN

Greystone erected a 60' x 80' Hybrid series building from Natural Light Fabric Structures. Twelve-foot-high precast reinforced concrete T-panels were placed inside to contain up to 1800 tons of salt.

Big Sky Well Services metal building shop and office

Big Sky Well Services Metal Building Shop & Office | Belfield, ND

A 90' x 120' shop and office metal building in Belfield, ND includes an office build-out, parts and storage room, shop area and two zone in-floor heating.

Cambridge salt and sand storage fabric building

72' x 81' Salt & Sand Storage Shed / Barn - Cambridge, MN

The city of Cambridge, MN required a 72' x81 shelter to keep its deicing salt and sand free from moisture while also allowing ease of accessibility when winter storms strike. Greystone Construction erected a fabric building shed for salt storage and sand storage.

Knife River Temporary Fabric Structure

Knife River Temporary Fabric Structure

With the construction boom, Knife River needed a quick and economical building that could be both heated and built over the existing facility to keep it operating throughout the winter months. Our solution was a 44′ x 112′ Natural Light Fabric Structure DP Series building built on two rows of stacked concrete foundation blocks. It included two 14′ x 14′ conventional overhead doors, service doors and several framed openings in the side walls and roof for existing conveyors. Installation was completed in three weeks and the plant stayed open during construction.

Exterior view of the Minger Construction shop and office building in Jordan, MN

Minger Construction Shop & Office Building - Jordan, MN

Greystone completed a 26,000 SF pre-cast concrete building for Minger Construction. The structure includes a reception area, offices, meeting space, and shop with overhead crane and five maintenance bays.

Ties 2 Biomass Storage Fabric Building

Ties 2 required a structure to store 3,200 tons of wood chips at its Superior, WI location. Greystone erected an engineered 80' x 240' Natural Light Fabric Structure on 6' above grade concrete pad and piers.

Biomass storage fabric building erected for Mdewakanton Sioux

Biomass Storage Fabric Building - Shakopee, MN

Our client required a building with a storage capacity of 3,000 tons of wood chips. Greystone recommended a 100' x 208' Natural Light Fabric Structure with a clear span that would allow maximum maneuverability of machinery.