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Dry Fertilizer Storage Building | Performance Ag | Herreid, SD

Wood-framed building with fertilizer storage capacity of 5000 tons, truck receiving and load out.

Flat Grain Storage | West Central Ag | Ulen, MN

Storage capacity of 3.5 million bushels

Feed Commodity Storage Fabric Building | Bovina, TX

Under construction: 100' x 140' warehouse with control room

CHS St. Charles MN Fertilizer Storage Building

Fertilizer Storage Building | CHS | St. Charles, MN

New dry fertilizer storage building in St. Charles, MN is complete. The building has a storage capacity of 12,000 tons in 4 main product bins and two micro bins. The facility includes a control room, MCC room, impregnation room with liquid chemical storage and tower blending system.

Fertilizer Storage Building | CHS Dakota Plains | Litchville, ND

Greystone Construction was hired to design and build a concrete and wood 15,000 ton dry fertilizer storage building for CHS/Dakota Plains Cooperative in Litchville, North Dakota. The truck receiving facility’s storage area consists of six main storage bins and three micro bins. The project also included a truck receiving building, control room, impregnation area and tower blending system for product load-out

Dry fertilizer storage building with fabric cover and seed treater building for Pinnacle/Performance Ag in Highmore, SD

Fabric Building for Dry Fertilizer Storage | Performance Ag | Highmore, SD

The Highmore, SD site for Performance Agriculture Holdings uses a tensioned membrane fabric building to store 5,000 tons of dry fertilizer and a metal building seed treater.

Wood and concrete building at CHS dry fertilizer storage facility in Grand Meadow, MN

Dry Fertilizer Storage Plant | CHS | Grand Meadow, MN

Construction is complete on CHS’s 16,320-ton dry fertilizer plant between Grand Meadow and Ostrander, Minnesota. Local farmers now have increased access to high-quality nutrients for their crops.

Agronomy center metal building in Tulare, SD

Agronomy Center Metal Building - SD Wheat Growers - Tulare

The South Dakota Wheat Growers partnered with Greystone to construct a metal building for its agronomy service center in Tulare utilized for seed warehouse, liquid fertilizer storage, equipment storage, vehicle maintenance and chemical warehouse.

Agronomy metal building in Miller, SD for seed and chemical warehousing

Agronomy Center Metal Building - SD Wheat Growers - Miller

One of five agronomy service centers completed for the South Dakota Wheat Growers in 2013. The Miller facility consisted of an 18,175 square foot metal building which included a 100’ x 150’ shop and warehouse, 51’ x 50’ office area and 25’ x 25’ seed treater building. The project included a loading dock, 28’ x 43’ chemical dike pit and a 20’ x 86’ exterior concrete pad that house 5 seed storage tanks. The agronomy service center is being utilized for seed warehouse, liquid fertilizer storage, equipment storage, vehicle maintenance and chemical warehouse.

Interior view of Suhr machinery storage

Suhr Machinery & Equipment Storage | Page, ND

Suhr Farms required storage for it's valuable machinery and equipment. We erected a 50' x 98' fabric building on an 8' above grade pony wall with steel sheeting.