Sanimax Processing

The transformation of an old feed mill and receiving docks into offices and a processing plant was dramatic. This project required close coordination with the owner and local officials to make an admitted eyesore into a striking offfice and modern rendering plant.

7,900 S.F. Office/14,200 S.F. Processing
New Construction/Renovation
Date Completed:
August 2011

Building Features:

The obstacle that needed to be overcome was to complete the offices and move staff into them while maintaining daily operations while at the same time correction poor soils for the processing plant and coordinating schedule and construction with the plant equipment. Massive machinery foundation pads needed to be poured first and then the machinery placed and the building constructed around the equipment due to their size. This coordination was further complicated as the equipment was a combination of new and used equipment and schedule and layout adjustments were frequent. A constant and open communication line with the owner and equipment contractors resulted in meeting the owner schedule and building budget.