Livestock Buildings, Hay Storage & Hoop Barns

30' x 90' Calf Barn Fabric Building

Greystone designed and installed this 30’ x 90’ fabric calf barn at the Bauman dairy. Since the move from their old barn, the Bauman calves have been much healthier. The Bauman’s no longer see pneumonia and other respiratory problems. The Bauman’s have also improved feed efficiency and have seen better gains. They have saved money reducing the amount of straw needed for bed pack.

Twelve 30' x 60' Organic Hog Farm Buildings

Over the course of three years, Greystone designed and constructed 12 single pipe fabric buildings for Barthold's Organic Hog Farm. The first four fabric buildings were built in 2009, four more in 2010 and the last four in 2011. Each 30' x 60' building is installed on 4' wood posts with 2" x 8" tongue and groove boards to 4' above grade.

140' x 220' Dairy Barn Fabric Building

This 140' x 220' fabric building free stall dairy barn for Sorg Dairy provides natural light, higher ceilings and better airflow than the average non-fabric barn. As a result, the owner of Sorg Dairy gets 10 lbs. of milk per cow per day more than he did with a wood structure and metal roof and has experienced a reduction in disease.

70' x 182' Dairy Barn Fabric Building

Greystone constructed a 70' x 182' three row, free stall fabric barn with a feed alley for Tangen Dairy. The owner's goal was to increase efficiency and improve air quality and flow.

40' x 80' Sheep Barn & Hay Storage Fabric Building

Greystone furnished and installed a fabric building for use as a sheep barn and hay storage. Bay spacing is 16' on center. Building is set on 6' high wood posts with 4' tongue and groove lumber. Includes gable vents, service door and 12' x 12' doors.

30' x 70' Calf Barn Fabric Building

Greystone construction furnished and installed a 30' x 70' fabric building with 14' bay spacing, two end walls and service door.