Bulk dry fertilizer storage buildings

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Wood/concrete and fabric building solutions

Design-build concrete, wood and fabric facilities from Greystone Construction are designed for multiple bin flexibility, spacious alleyways, elevated control rooms, expandable end walls, in-floor heat capabilities, covered receiving and load-out areas available. Greystone has been proudly serving the construction needs of the agricultural, industrial and commercial industries throughout the Midwest and beyond since 1987.

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Dry Fertilizer Storage Building | Performance Ag | Herreid, SD

Wood-framed building with fertilizer storage capacity of 5000 tons, truck receiving and load out.

Dry Fertilizer Storage Building | Bisbee, ND

Greystone Construction designed and built a 12,000 ton fertilizer storage building addition for North Central Grain’s existing facility in Bisbee, North Dakota. The project includes a new rail receiving pit and a tower blending system.

CHS St. Charles MN Fertilizer Storage Building

Fertilizer Storage Building | CHS | St. Charles, MN

New dry fertilizer storage building in St. Charles, MN is complete. The building has a storage capacity of 12,000 tons in 4 main product bins and two micro bins. The facility includes a control room, MCC room, impregnation room with liquid chemical storage and tower blending system.

Fertilizer Storage Building | CHS Dakota Plains | Litchville, ND

Greystone Construction was hired to design and build a concrete and wood 15,000 ton dry fertilizer storage building for CHS/Dakota Plains Cooperative in Litchville, North Dakota. The truck receiving facility’s storage area consists of six main storage bins and three micro bins. The project also included a truck receiving building, control room, impregnation area and tower blending system for product load-out

Dry fertilizer storage building with fabric cover and seed treater building for Pinnacle/Performance Ag in Highmore, SD

Fabric Building for Dry Fertilizer Storage | Performance Ag | Highmore, SD

The Highmore, SD site for Performance Agriculture Holdings uses a tensioned membrane fabric building to store 5,000 tons of dry fertilizer and a metal building seed treater.

Wood and concrete building at CHS dry fertilizer storage facility in Grand Meadow, MN

Dry Fertilizer Storage Plant | CHS | Grand Meadow, MN

Construction is complete on CHS’s 16,320-ton dry fertilizer plant between Grand Meadow and Ostrander, Minnesota. Local farmers now have increased access to high-quality nutrients for their crops.

Dry Fertilizer Storage Facility | Big Lake, MN

Greystone completed a dry fertilizer storage facility in Big Lake, Minnesota for Crop Production Services. The 8,500 ton storage building will be made up of seven main storage bins and three micro bins. The facility includes a truck receiving building, storage area, drive alley, MCC room and load-out area.

Manure Storage Fabric Buildings

80' x 200' and 80' x 400' fabric buildings were erected to house manure in Clarion, IA by Greystone Construction. The buildings were installed on a 8' tall cast- in-place concrete poured wall.

Fertilizer Storage Building | Gavilon

Greystone completed a new fertilizer storage building for Gavilon in Jamestown, ND. The 10,000 square foot wood framed building is used to blend micro nutrients.

Fertilizer Storage Building | Modern Transport

Two new construction large fabric structures were built by Greystone Construction for additional fertilizer storage with Modern Transport in Winona, MN