Metal Building Construction

Metal buildings provide advantages in terms of cost and schedule for many projects. Incorporating pre-engineered metal buildings into a design-build project contributes to a fast track schedule and enhances the project cost control process.

Twenty five years of experience in the pre-engineered metal building industry has given Greystone a keen understanding of the requirements a manufacturer must meet to serve our clients. First and foremost we demand the following:

  • Integrity in design
  • Integrity in the order and delivery process
  • Quality control in the manufacturing process
  • Wide range of wall and roof panel products
  • Building delivery schedule that meets the project schedule
  • Competitive pricing
  • Staying power to stand behind their products

Because Greystone demands performance for our clients we value our partnerships with Nucor Building Systems, Behlen Mfg. Company, and Natural Light Fabric Structures. 

Masaba Aircraft Hanger

Nucor Building Systems

Nucor has built a reputation for innovation and advanced engineering in the pre-engineered metal building industry. Greystone works in a very large geographic area. Five plants located strategically around the country gives our company the advantage of reduced freight costs in any region of the U.S. Nucor has met Greystone's strict standards in product and customer service

Behlen Manufacturing Company

Greystone has a long-standing business relationship with Behlen Manufacturing Company. Based in Columbus, Nebraska, they have been manufacturing metal buildings for 75 years. Pre-engineered metal buildings are utilized in markets such as office, ice arenas, commodity storage, manufacturing facilities and aircraft hangars.

Natural Light Fabric Structures Hybrid Building

The Natural Light Fabric Structure "Hybrid Series Building" offers the strength of welded-plate frames with the advantages of Natural Light fabric. Hybrid buildings are engineered to meet your necessary loads and are custom designed to meet your needs. Hybrid Buildings also offer the lighting and ventilation benefits of a Natural Light polyethylene fabric roof. The result is a stronger, brighter and more cost-effective solution.

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