Company History of Greystone Construction

Greystone Construction President/CEO Kevin O'BrienGreystone Construction Company was formed in 1987. Kevin O’Brien, one of the founding members, became President in 1989 and moved the company forward with his vision of combining professional construction management with pre-engineered building systems. The initial market focus was on aviation, waste processing and food processing.

Greystone quickly gained a reputation as a construction company that made quality and service its most important advantages. It wasn’t long before the demand for Greystone’s skills and abilities led the company to do business in numerous industry markets including; commercial, retail, healthcare, agricultural, industrial and other market applications.

Another longstanding focus at Greystone has been craftsmanship. This focus has allowed us to grow our general construction business and uncover opportunities to specialize in other market segments such as concrete, carpentry, fabric structures and pre-engineered metal buildings.

Greystone has enjoyed steady growth since 1987. This growth has been based on building business relationship with our clients. We strive to maintain our existing client relationships through service, and expand our client base through our reputation for quality.